Our city has appeared above the water and the sea looks to avenge this theft.

#DelusionsofCanute' explores man and nature and their roles in placemaking'. As part of 'EA' festival  artists were asked to respond to any of  the multiple meanings of 'ea' .

In Maori some of the meanings of 'ea' include:

  • to appear above the water,
  • to land like a fish and also
  • to be satisfied or avenged.

#Delusionsof Canute looks at these meanings in the context of man and nature as designers in placemaking using Auckland's CBD foreshore as their 'playground'. 

Using Dynamic Characteristics of Auckland Central Business District Reclaimed Zones as a reference point we printed a image of Auckland's current foreshore on builders scrim with the 1840's foreshore marked out in stitch.  . People are invited to stitch the sea back the 1840's foreshore.

Inspired by
Kuanjin (Jin) Lee and Dr Liam Wotherspoon, 'Dynamic Characteristics of Auckland Central Business District Reclaimed Zones’. NZ Geomechanics News,  Issue 92. December 2016

And also the various stories around King Canute (or Cnut) and the tide - consider this an interpretation with a contemporary twist.

Technical Information: 

Originally developed for 'ea Festival' in Auckland, 19 March 2017 and now on-going work.

Stitching on builders scrim

IMG_20170514_155434692_HDR (1).jpg