Strung Up | Millenial style

Strung Up | Millenial style

Secret conversations of racquets - for this millenium.

Trying to teach the older generation a new language. Of course, all these racquets are vintage, somewhat worn and even warped, lending an extra frisson to their performance. Taking the volley from the court (squash or badminton) to VR ...

AFK = away from keyboard (a Dunlop HYPOWER badminton racquet with worn towelling grip)
FOMO = fear of missing out (a Dunlop MAXPLY squash racquet with worn towelling grip, a couple of damaged strings, and age chips as well as worn tape on head of the racquet)
YOLO = you only live once (a Murphy SKYMASTER squash? racquet with original leather grip)
LOL = laugh out loud (a Gold Cup WINNER badminton racquet with leather grip)

Behind this collection

The mobile phone and our need to constantly be connected is a phenomenon commented on in popular culture. Regardless of how we feel about it, being connected digitally is a current reality for almost everyone.

As an urban artist working on both the digital and handcraft realms, the digital connect/collide is a thought provoking challenge. Classic examples of digital ‘disfunction’ are seen in family meals and restaurants, on beaches and at moments when you would expect quality connections, often they are disrupted by digital devices. One response to this is to go on ‘virtual Lent’. Clearly not practical as much of modern life is on line. It is this very dilemma that ‘Plug In Better’: A Manifesto' explores.

The manifesto asks people to “approach our time online with the same kind of intention and integrity we bring to our best offline interactions. … What it requires is careful attention to the sources of our discomfort; to the challenging qualities of online interaction, or of simply living in a networked world. Looking at those pain points, and finding a way to switch them off, is the new unplugging.”

It is this background that has prompted the concept of some provocations or a threaded conversation using short text and the result is 'strung up - millenial style'.

Technical Information: 

These are found sports raquets brought out of retirement and repurposed