Super Gran | sprayed by Dager

Super Gran | sprayed by Dager

 The first piece created for 'the street loves nana' to be shown [and sewn] at Splore 2014.

The original design is painted by Dager [Nigel Roberts]. The sewing has been completed by a cast of many - sometimes over coffee and crumpets - captured here is its growth stitch by stitch.

'the street loves nana' is an original idea conceived by designer Margaret Lewis to be a collaborative project between herself, NZ street artists and anyone wanting to give handcraft a go.

Technical Information: 

Fence mesh - framed by pallet timber - handsewn with wool.


I've come from a history of grafitti, painting large scale works in the streets with spray-paint. These days I don't sneak around so much, preferring legal walls and painting in my studio, having time to create the work how I want it to look as opposed to rushing under pressure.

Grafitti is often text-based and this is the angle I've been playing along recently, painting typeface in sign-writer styles, using a brush more than a can.