For Ann | sprayed by Component [photo by Wavy Arms Productions]

For Ann | sprayed by Component [photo by Wavy Arms Productions]

One of eight panels that makes up 'the street loves nana'.

The original design is painted by Component. The sewing has been completed by a cast of many - sometimes over coffee and crumpets - captured here is its growth stitch by stitch.

Here's what Component says about his Nana - Ann.

Ann is a strong, capable & determined woman. She drove ambulances carrying wounded soldiers during World War 2. She married soldier Jack and together they migrated to New Zealand, settling and farming in rural Northland.

At 93 she's still happier in the saddle than sitting idly in an arm-chair. This is her favourite horse Lottie, they have a special bond.

'the street loves nana' is an original idea conceived by designer Margaret Lewis to be a collaborative project between herself, NZ street artists and anyone wanting to give handcraft a go.

Technical Information: 

Fence mesh - framed by pallet timber - handsewn with wool.


Stencil artist, DJ, father, old school Grey Lynn resident, knowledge-sharer.

You can’t walk through Grey Lynn, or Auckland for that matter, without being touched by Component’s work and his beautiful, pointed observations on everything from fallen Hip Hop legends, to the Queen and deeply political critiques on censorship and conformity. His work demands public attention and brings the street to life as a medium for expression and debate.

Component is self taught and navigates the worlds of business and art carefully by diversifying and changing up his work constantly whilst giving back to the community, running workshops and sharing his passion on art and DJing.

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